Friday, November 30, 2007

Downloads now hosted on my website

New download hosted in my site:

Download is now hosted in there because there has been so many problems with Filefactory's download hosting. So now you can directly download Cloud Web Browser without any problems.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Patch for Cloud Web Browser

There's a patch for Cloud Web Browser 0.5.9alphaFIX. It's released because there's missing one file from original copy of program. You need to have Cloud 0.5.9alphaFIX to be installed on your hard drive before installing this patch:

If you don't have Cloud installed, please download it from here (Zip file, approximately 5MB's):

Urgent message!

It may sound like I have permanently changed the engine from Gecko engine to Trident engine, but it's not my purpose. I made the change for the newest version because I wanted to introduce some new features and fixes to other people. There has been so many weeks without any updates so I thought that I must do something!

So here I am... With Cloud Web Browser 0.5.9alphaFIX, which shows you where Cloud Web Browser currently is, and please notice that there's no changes in engine or anything relating to that so it's not SO bad thing to show some new things with different engine.

I will give you a new download link for Cloud later this evening. I just have to add one dll to installation program so you are able to use browser.

Cloud Web Browser 0.5.9alphaFIX

Fix release for 0.5.9alpha has been released. It containts Trident engine for showing web pages because there has been so many problems when using Mozilla ActiveX control. The new version also introduces new GUI which is very similar to Office 2007's graphical user interface. If you want to download Cloud Web Browser 0.5.9alphaFIX, please click the following download link:

You may need Krypton Toolkit dll's to run the program,
I will upload the dll's later this day, so you are able to run the program without downloading Krypton Toolkit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cloud Button

As you know, there's some problems in Cloud Web Browser development so I decided to spend some time on some more useful work. That's how I made Cloud Button control for Windows forms. Here you can see an example of program running with those buttons:

Button control can be downloaded from here:

Example program is here: