Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Runtime error.. aaargh!!

Runtime error!

Pure virtual function call

I hate that error notification. It occurs so often that it's very annoyning to use Cloud. It also crashes the program so it has to be restarted. Now I ask you if you know something about this? How to avoid it? It has something to do with Mozilla ActiveX control, but I'm still not sure why it happens.. :/

Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from holiday!

I've been in a vacation for a week and now I'm back to work. I have made some new things into Cloud Web Browser and one of the biggest (you can easily see it) is new GUI for Cloud. I use Krypton Toolkit to render the form and some of it's controls. I got the suggestion from Microsoft Forums from user called robinjam. It was a good suggestion because I like the GUI much more now, it's user friendly and good looking. There is still one thing missing. Brand new CloudTabControl for rendering tabs in a great looking way. I don't like Microsoft's TabControl cause it's not easy to customize, so I make my own.

I have started RSS Feed reader project and I'm going to add it to the browser. Also I noticed that there's no support for favicons. Have to develop it soon... :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

A new website under construction

No changes made yesterday... I spent 1-2 hours working on project's website. I realised that the project really needs a website, because then the people notice that: "Oh, it must be good! It has a WEBSITE!! Cool..." The website is made for people who want to download Cloud or they want to learn something about it. It doesn't tell you the latest news about development, because this blog is for doing that. The website is for spreading Cloud Web Browser all over the world.

As you can see, the website has a blue theme. I like blue, because it's so neutral and secure choice. The first public version of Cloud had green icons in its toolbar. I got negative feedback, because not everyone like green. I just thought that it's good looking, but it wasn't... It was boring and ugly...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shortcuts enabled

Yesterday I added a new tab page to preferences dialog. "Shortcuts" defines what shortcurts user wants to use in his browser. For example "g" means "Google" and "w" means wikipedia. Two days ago I implemented this functionality but yesterday I added an option which allows you to modify those shortcuts.

Example of shortcut.txt file:

[www.google.com]{g}(Search engine)

Line 1: Defines how many shortcuts is there in the file
Line 2-: Shortcut definitions. Between [] is the url, {} has the shortcut and the last one () is explanation.

If you check "Update automatically" checkbox, you can modify selected item by changing its values in textboxes (in the right side). Otherwise you have to push update button to save changed settings. "Add new"-button adds a new shortcut with settings defined in the textboxes

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New sourcecodeview GUI

Updated in version 0.5.9 pre-beta version

If you have used earlier version of Cloud you can see some differences in this source code view and original source code view. I updated it's GUI and now it's good to me..

New PCS Filter settings in preferences

I wanted to give users a change to add and delete Parental Control System's filters as they want. In the left side of tab you can see listbox filled with locked signs and text. They are strings which are searched from websites.

I also added shortcut url's to Cloud. You can write g or G to address bar and the application knows that you want to go to www.google.com. Today I'm going to make it possible to define those shortcuts by yourself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a known fact that all the windows in the program should be styled in a same way. I realised that source code view in the program is pretty ugly, so I decided to do something...

- Added some buttons to an empty toolbar
- Added icons to File menu
- Statusbar showing size of document

I also added some preferences for managing Parental Control System filters (Illegal words which activate "PCS banned site").
PCS is currently very simple because it only checks the content of some page and counts how many forbidden words it contains. If there is too much of them, the site is going to be banned and you can't view it before you disable PCS from preferences.

In future I'm going to make many improvements to this system. I have plans to add at least following features:

- Check for well-known pishing sites (Google API)
- Use lists of banned sites
- Make it easier to modify rate of banning

Cloud Web Browser Development - Official Blog

Welcome to Cloud Web Browser's official development blog. Here you will find the newest information about development of my brand new web browser. Cloud WB uses Mozzilla's Gecko layout engine as it's page rendering engine and it's main features are:

- Tabbed Browsing
- Parental Control System
- Bookmarks
- Page history
- Mouse gestures
- Google search

and more...

Cloud WB is currently in version 0.5.9 Alpha and it can be downloaded from FileFactory.com:


Package size is approximately 9 megabytes and it contains Mozzilla ActiveX control. You have to install it before using Cloud. You need .Net Framework 2.0 library too: