Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shortcuts enabled

Yesterday I added a new tab page to preferences dialog. "Shortcuts" defines what shortcurts user wants to use in his browser. For example "g" means "Google" and "w" means wikipedia. Two days ago I implemented this functionality but yesterday I added an option which allows you to modify those shortcuts.

Example of shortcut.txt file:

[]{g}(Search engine)

Line 1: Defines how many shortcuts is there in the file
Line 2-: Shortcut definitions. Between [] is the url, {} has the shortcut and the last one () is explanation.

If you check "Update automatically" checkbox, you can modify selected item by changing its values in textboxes (in the right side). Otherwise you have to push update button to save changed settings. "Add new"-button adds a new shortcut with settings defined in the textboxes

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