Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a known fact that all the windows in the program should be styled in a same way. I realised that source code view in the program is pretty ugly, so I decided to do something...

- Added some buttons to an empty toolbar
- Added icons to File menu
- Statusbar showing size of document

I also added some preferences for managing Parental Control System filters (Illegal words which activate "PCS banned site").
PCS is currently very simple because it only checks the content of some page and counts how many forbidden words it contains. If there is too much of them, the site is going to be banned and you can't view it before you disable PCS from preferences.

In future I'm going to make many improvements to this system. I have plans to add at least following features:

- Check for well-known pishing sites (Google API)
- Use lists of banned sites
- Make it easier to modify rate of banning


Anonymous said...

Käytäppä tota phishing-sivujen tunnistukseen :o

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of your PCS (Parental Control System) using keywords to block content.

Can I inquire how difficult it was to put together, and/or if it was built on anything that was already out there?

I am a huge Firefox fan (and I am going to check out Cloud!) but I would love this functionality in Firefox too via an extension. Something simple, just to keep the obvious stuff away from my kids.


Timo Salomäki said...

I will tell you more about PCS soon. It's not so complicated, I will tell you some facts soon!