Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Runtime error.. aaargh!!

Runtime error!

Pure virtual function call

I hate that error notification. It occurs so often that it's very annoyning to use Cloud. It also crashes the program so it has to be restarted. Now I ask you if you know something about this? How to avoid it? It has something to do with Mozilla ActiveX control, but I'm still not sure why it happens.. :/


Anonymous said...

I am always in favor of a new gecko
based browser. We cannot have enough
of those. Not being a computer
genius I am curious. Does Cloud use
a GRE that is more than 2 years old?
If so is there any way to update it?
Many thanks for a new browser.
Wishing you good luck with it.

Timo Salomäki said...

Unfortunately theres no newer versions of Gecko for .Net environment, but I think that it may be worth to make the program with the latest Gecko engine. It's going to be hard work, but maybe I could do it

Timo Salomäki said...

And yes, thanks for your post!